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My patient-centered, Functional Medicine approach treats the whole person and sees the body as one integrated system, not just a collection of independent organs. Using a systems-oriented approach, I look “upstream” to consider the complex web of interactions in the patient’s history, physiology, and lifestyle that can bring about illness.


I received mymedical degree from the University of Heidelberg, Germany in 1978, where I completed my residency in Internal Medicine and my fellowship in Psychosomatic Medicine.


After moving to the U.S., I underwent his postgraduate training at LA County/USC, and became licensed to practice medicine in the state of California in 1993.


'Dr. Gruenn's professional experience in Europe and the U.S. puts him at the forefront of Integrative and Preventative Medicine. He utilizes a wide variety of innovative therapies including Anti-Aging Medicine, Heavy Metal Detoxification, Hormone Replacement, Antioxidant and Nutrient Therapies.


Dr. Gruenn is a well-known lecturer on alternative and mind-body medicine and authors the best selling self help audio series in Germany."


  • 1/98-present: Medical Director, Longevity Medical Center, West Los Angeles, and Ojai, CA 

  • 8/95-1/98: Medical Director, Rosabell Medical Group, Los Angeles, CA 

  • 7/93-8/95: Medical Director, Center for Integrated Medicine, Santa Monica, CA 

  • 10/91-10/92

    : Internship in Internal Medicine at LA County/USC 

  • 10/87-91: Lectures and seminars on Preventive Medicine and Psychoneuroimmunology in USA, Germany and Japan 

  • 2/85-9/87: Fellow, Dept. of Psychosomatic Medicine, Bad Duerkheim Medical Center, Germany 

  • 4/80-4/83: Resident, Dept. of Internal Medicine, Mannheim Hospital/University of Heidelberg, Germany 

  • 10/78-10/79

    : Resident, Dept. of Psychiatry Weinsberg Hospital, Germany


  • 12/92: California Medical License

  •  8/91: FLEX

  •  7/83: ECFMG

  •  5/83: Doctorate (PhD.), Dept. of Internal Medicine, University of  Heidelberg, Germany

  •  6/78: M.D., University of Heidelberg, School of Medicine, Germany


  • 1986-2004: Audioaktiv, Audio-tape series with over 40 titles, Lange Publishing, Duesseldorf

  •  1990: Gruenn, H. Die innere Heilkraft -Die Medizin entdeckt die Moeglichkeiten der Selbstheilung (Self-healing and Medicine), Econ Verlag, Duesseldorf; Wien; New York

  •  1990: Gruenn, H., Oncogenes - Interview with Michael Bishop Nobel Laureate in Medicine, Vital Magazine, Hamburg,

  •  1982: Stahlheber R. Kirchberger - Rothe I, Gruenn H., Koehler Co.Piper W: Spaetprognose nach ueberstandenem Herzinfarkt (Prognosis of heart infarction), Fortschritte in der Inneren Medizin, Springer Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg

  •  6/78-4/80: Doctoral student, Dept. of Internal Medicine, Heidelberg University

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