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What is Family Constellation?

Family Constellations create a powerful space that allows participants to gain insight into dysfunctional patterns in their interpersonal and ancestral dynamics.  This can result in improved insight, resolution of conflicts, healthier communication, physical and emotional wellbeing, and more fulfilling relationships. 


Rather than understanding distressing issues from an individualistic viewpoint, Family Constellations use a systemic lense to revel the full panorama of human experience. Seen from this angle, history is not behind us, but it is expressed through us. By giving voice to what has been excluded, denied or forgotten, participants will be empowered to integrate the past and move into a more fulfilling and meaningful future.


Developed by German therapist Bert Hellinger in the 1990s, Family Constellations draws on elements of family systems therapyexistential phenomenology and other eclectic influences. 


“Influential figures in this movement include Jacob Moreno, the founder of psychodramaIván Böszörményi-Nagy, the pioneer of transgenerational systemic thinking; Milton Erickson, a pioneer of brief therapy and hypnotherapy; Eric Berne who conceived the concept of life scripts; and Virginia Satir, who developed family sculpture, the precursor of Systemic Constellations.” (Wikipedia)


How is it done?


Participants, who are not related to the client, take on roles of various family members. The client can observe the systemic interactions in real time and thereby gain insight into the underlying dynamic related to the issue of concern. No prior experience is necessary.


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Saturday March 18,  2023 Ojai Event

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