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Dr. Gruenn's L.A. Move

Updated January 19 2023

Cold and Flu Supplements 

This regime provides a powerful synergistic blend of immune boosters: 
Olive Leaf Extract, Beta Glucan, Elderberry, Propolis, Astragalus, Andrographis, Echinacea, European Elder, L-Lysine, Zinc, Vitamins A and C.


Antivirals are most effective if taken at the earliest signs of cold symptoms. 


On the first day, take a high dose regime:

  • LMC Immune Boost: Three capsules twice daily, on empty stomach

  • Elderberry & Honey Immune Syrup: One teaspoon, every hour or two

  • Viracid: 2 capsules three times daily

  • Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C: One packet every 3 hours


Afterwards, for the duration of symptoms: 

  • LMC Immune Boost: Two capsules twice per daily, on empty stomach

  • Elderberry & Honey Immune Syrup: One teaspoon, three times daily

  • Viracid: 2 capsules twice daily

  • Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C: One packet three times daily


For prevention:

  • LMC Immune Boost: Two capsules once daily, on empty stomach

  • Elderberry & Honey Immune Syrup: One teaspoon once daily

  • Viracid: 2 capsules once daily

  • Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C: One packet once daily






Updated August 11, 2021 

Dear patients,

Since I moved to my new office on Wilshire Blvd, I am not connected to Dr. West and the old office any longer. To avoid any confusion, please note that emails from Dr. West and her Longevity Centre are not from me, nor do they reflect my opinion. Longevity Medical Center is still my business at Wilshire Blvd and in Ojai.  


Please re-order your supplements through my website or Email:


To assure HIPPA compliance, please send any medical questions via your Patient Portal.  Do not use the assistant’s e-mail. More complex medical inquiries need an office visit or a telephone appointment.


For any medication refill requests please do not call the office, but have your pharmacy send the request thru e-prescribe or via Fax 805-910-3486. 


For clerical questions please call our office or email

We will respond to all non-urgent emails within 48 hours (or two business days) and will answer urgent emails within one business day. Please do not follow up if it has been shorter than the indicated time.


Current patients may self-schedule their next appointment on their patient portal


To your health and with best regards,

Dr. Gruenn


January 24th 2021


Dear Patients


Due to the change in email habits, we are receiving an increasing amount of e-mails seeking medical advice, which is straining our small office. Many doctors switch to a concierge service and charge for easy access, which is a direction I do not want to go. Instead, short of medical emergencies and clerical questions, I ask you to discuss any medical questions at your next office visit or arrange a telephone appointment.


I also want to remind you that we have moved to a paperless office. Whenever you schedule an appointment, need a prescription or ask us to provide you with a letter, make sure you have filled out and signed your forms at the Patient Portal. You will receive an invitation from the office with instructions on "how to" when you call the office with a request. To avoid any delays and unnecessary calls or emails, please make sure to take care of this. 


Here are some answers to frequently asked SARS-CoV-2 questions:


Do I support being vaccinated?  

Yes, I do,  but as I am a firm believer in the importance of you taking responsibility for your health, the decision is yours to make. With all the misinformation flooding the Internet, I encourage you to choose reliable sources and make science-based decisions.

What are the side effects? 

Many people have local tenderness on the injection site for 2 to 3 day. Otherwise headaches, fatigue and fever can occur.


Are there any serious risks?  

The latest data show 10 events of anaphylaxis after application of 4 Million doses of the Moderna vaccine (2.5 cases per million). In most cases the onset occurred within 15 minutes and while still under observation. No anaphylaxis-related deaths were reported. If you have a known allergy to polysorbate or polyethylene glycol, an allergy expert should evaluate you. 


What are the long-term risks?

It is too early to know if the vaccines have long-term negative effects. Most likely, the potential benefits by far outweigh the risks.


I have allergies; should I be vaccinated? 

The current evidence suggests that people with food or seasonal allergies are not at higher risk to have vaccine reactions. The same is true for people who reacted negatively to the flu vaccine.  


Do you provide the vaccine in the office?

 I will notify you as soon as I know. 


Should I get vaccinated if I already had Covid?

Yes, you should. It is however reasonable to delay the vaccination for 90 days from the time of infection to allow others to receive the vaccine sooner, as the risk of reinfection appears extremely low during this interval.


What do I do if I get Covid before the second dose?

A second dose should still be given, but potentially delayed.


Do I have to continue wearing a mask after the vaccinations are completed?

You should continue all preventive measures according to the guidance of CDC. 


What supplement do I recommend? 

There is no officially approved nutritional program for Covid, but here are some supplements that might be supportive:

Liposomal Vit. C

Elderberry Extract


Vitamin D

Oregano Oil




What else can I do to reduce my risk of a more serious infection? 

As most comorbidities are tied to high inflammation, nutrition and lifestyle play an essential role: eat healthy (lots of greens and low in sugar), get adequate rest, move your body daily and keep stress at bay.


With best regards and to a healthy and happy 2021,


Hans D. Gruenn M.D.













Here are our office hours during the Holidays. Make sure we receive your prescriptions and supplement orders in advance. 

Christmas Holiday 

Wednesday December 23rd  OPEN 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Thursday December 24th through Sunday 27th CLOSED


New Years Holiday

Wednesday December 30 ieth OPEN 9:00 AM to 3:00PM

Thursday December 31st through Sunday January 3rd CLOSED 

Regular Office Hours 

Monday -Thursday - 9:00 am to 4:00 pm 

Friday Closed

Phone Hours: 

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday - 9:30 am to 4:00 pm

Thursday  - 9:30 am to 2:00 pm

Friday - Closed 

Wishing you healthy and peaceful Holidays,


Dr. Gruenn's Staff

Updated Office Guidelines 


As we are moving into the 21st century – finding ways to support you best, please make sure to follow our guidelines below.


Your Prescriptions: 

If you need a refill of a prescription – CALL YOUR PHARMACY – let them know Dr Gruenn is ePrescribe, and to send the request through ePrescribe. Make sure they have spelled Dr. Gruenn’s name correct. Many forget there is 2 N’s.


Your appointments: 

Take notes or record your appointment with Dr. Gruenn – a lot of good information is communicated and it is sometimes hard to remember everything covered. 


You can make appointments online on the Patient Portal. (Los Angeles Patients Only) 


Quickest way to receive replies from Dr. Gruenn or the office.

Don’t call with your questions. Please - Email your questions/requests for the quickest response. Your question can be forwarded to Dr. Gruenn who then responds back. 


If you have more than one or two short questions please make a short phone appointment. 


Supplement orders.

Remember your supplement orders, should be ordered on Dr Gruenn’s Dispensary online   Standard shipping is free for orders over $60.. 


You can also place your supplement order through email at, but then shipping is charged. 


Orders can also be placed through email – but again, shipping is charged.



Once Dr. Gruenn has reviewed your Labresults, you can view them on the Patient Portal. Log in, click Records  on top menu, then click Images. 


Dr Gruenn's L.A. Office Has Moved


Dear Patients,

I have moved my LA office, but not everybody received the news. You now find me at 12301 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 315, Los Angeles, CA 90025, three blocks west of Bundy. 


I will continue to see patients in L.A. on Thursdays and in Ojai on Tuesdays. Phone or Zoom appointments will be available on Monday afternoons and Tuesday mornings. As both of my offices are now under one umbrella, you are welcome to see me at either of my offices. Amrit will be my assistant in both offices.


Here is what’s new:


As we are currently updating to Electronic Health Records and a paperless office, you will shortly be able to book your appointments online, see your lab results online and send us messages or documents in a HIPPA secure way. At your next visit, we will ask you to register at our Patient Portal and update your basic information and register your preferred Pharmacy.   



We are now part of ePrescribe, which allows smoother and quicker processing of your prescriptions. Please inform your Pharmacy to contact us through ePrescribe and provide them our new phone number (310-699-4199); otherwise the pharmacy will continue to fax your refill requests to the old office.


To order supplements, you have two options: 

Our new online store ( ) Standard shipping for orders over $60 is free.


Email to or


To book IVs,

Please make an appointment by calling Amrit at (310) 699-4199, or email her at Our IVs are provided by a highly qualified and experienced RN. and our long time R.N. Kathleen, will be available some days..


I look forward to seeing you. 


With best regards,


Hans Gruenn M.D.

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