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Letter from Dr. Gruenn


Dear Patients,

I have moved my LA office, but not everybody received the news. You now find me at 12301 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 315, Los Angeles, CA 90025, three blocks west of Bundy. 


I will continue to see patients in L.A. on Thursdays and in Ojai on Tuesdays. Phone or Zoom appointments will be available on Monday afternoons and Tuesday mornings. As both of my offices are now under one umbrella, you are welcome to see me at either of my offices. Amrit will be my assistant in both offices.


Here is what’s new:


As we are currently updating to Electronic Health Records and a paperless office, you will shortly be able to book your appointments online, see your lab results online and send us messages or documents in a HIPPA secure way. At your next visit, we will ask you to register at our Patient Portal and update your basic information and register your preferred Pharmacy.   



We are now part of ePrescribe, which allows smoother and quicker processing of your prescriptions. Please inform your Pharmacy to contact us through ePrescribe and provide them our new phone number (310-699-4199); otherwise the pharmacy will continue to fax your refill requests to the old office.


To order supplements, you have two options: 

Our new online store ( ) Standard shipping for orders over $60 is free.


Email to or


To book IVs,

Please make an appointment by calling Amrit at (310) 699-4199, or email her at Our IVs are provided by a highly qualified and experienced RN. and our long time R.N. Kathleen, will be available some days..


I look forward to seeing you. 


With best regards,


Hans Gruenn M.D.

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