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Dr. Hauschka Regenerating Skin Care

Dr. Gruenn and myself, have used Dr. Hauschka products since 1968. When you care about living and eating "organic" we never found cleaner, purer, more supportive products as Dr. Hauschka.  Their gentle fragrances are derived from Essential Oils, never from synthetic perfumes. Their gentle formulations are tolerated well. Our grandchildren always used Rose Cream as babies, and  still (now in their teens) ask for Rose Cream!

We  keep mostly their Regenerative products available  but please visit Dr. Hauschka's website for all their products, or ask us to order for you. Our prices remain very low. 

With warmest regards,

Annika Gruenn


Skin ageing is a completely natural process. And it can’t be stopped. But, a care product that supports the skin’s natural activities can slow it down. No care product can reverse the skin’s ageing process, so we don’t talk about anti-ageing products.

Be ready to take on the day with the Dr. Hauschka Regenerating Skin Care series that gives mature, demanding skin the support it needs for more vitality. It can prevent against premature wrinkle formation for example, and your skin gets new stimuli. The end result is a radiant and nourished complexion, that is as individual as you.

You and your skin.

Dr. Hauschka face care products help stimulate skin’s natural activity. They are not crafted for rigid skin types or even categories such as women’s or men’s face care, but more importantly for the ever changing skin conditions we experience throughout the year and our lifetime.

A face care ritual for your skin’s rhythm.

Dr. Hauschka Face Care accompanies you around the clock; taking into account the fact that your skin’s role during the day is completely different at night. During the day, it gets up close and personal with the world, behaving as a protective barrier to the environment and its aggressors. At night, it directs its powers inward to regenerate. Dr. Hauschka Face Care supports this rhythm with a unique facial skin care ritual comprised of four steps for the morning and evening: the first step is to cleanse your skin to reveal its natural state; the second step is to tone for a balanced and radiant complexion; the third step is to impart targeted support for your skin’s condition with a thin veil of our mask; and the fourth step is to moisturize using protective daytime skin care products in the morning, and revitalizing night care in the evening.

What age range is the Dr. Hauschka Regenerating Skin Care series suitable for?

If your skin feels like it lacks elasticity, it’s drier and thinner, and the wrinkles are beginning to show, then you have mature skin. This usually happens around the age of 40. The skin’s needs have changed. Dr. Hauschka’s Regenerating Skin Care understands this and targets the skin’s needs. Our formulations are designed to support the skin, but also to keep it active.

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