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Total Body Cleanse: News

When was the last time you had a few days to pamper yourself? Most people can’t even dream about taking time out of their busy schedule. Yet, we all are in dire need of rejuvenation and cleansing.


With the Total Body Cleanse you can enjoy the benefits of a state-of-the-art Detox Program in the comfort of your own home. Without interruption to your personal and professional life, detoxification is finally made easy.


The Total Body Cleanse consits of:

  • A portable high quality Far Infrared Sauna to Go

  • Nutritional Detox powders and supplements

  • A Cleansing and Purifying Diet & easy to follow instructions.

The duration of your Total Body Cleanse can vary depending on your specific needs. For most people a 4 week program is ideal, but even 1 week is highly effective and can get you on track to a healthier you.



1. A Far Infrared Sauna To Go (Ultra Low EMF)

Saunas are a time proven method to maintain health and wellbeing. A Far Infrared Sauna heats up the body through infrared heat waves and provides by far the most effective form of sauna therapy. Infrared heat waves penetrate the body to a depth of 2 inches, deep enogh to reach fat cells under the skin, a major storage site of toxins. Chemicals, uric acid and cholesterol are activated and released.


The Far Infrared Sauna to Go offers many health benefits:

  • Superior Cleansing and Detoxification

  • Weight loss due to increased metabolism, fat mobilization and burning up to 300 calories every 30 minutes

  • Lowering of blood pressure and improved circulation due to increased cardiac output, blood and lymph flow

  • Pain relief due to anti-inflammatory and alkalinizing effect

  • Skin purification, reduction of acne and cellulite

  • Stress reduction

Infrared Saunas are well tolerated as they operate at relatively low temperature (110 to 150 °F.). The Far Infrared Sauna to Go provides increased comfort, as it only heats up the body, while the head remains outside.


We naturally purify and detoxify our bodies through colon, liver, gallbladder, kidneys, skin, lymph and blood. My Nutritional Detox Program is designed that each detox organ receives all the nutrients and co-factors required to function optimally. High quality vitamins, alkalinizing minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, essential fatty acids and drainage formulas ensure that toxins are mobilized and pushed out of the body.


As you follow the Nutritional Detox Program it will take you through the right sequence of detoxification, which is essential to avoid unnecessary detox symptoms. It will also ensure an alkaline pH, another important aspect of any effective detoxification. The Nutritonal Detox Program will be tailored to your needs.

Green Juice
Super Health Food


A healthy diet is an essential part of any detoxification. It avoids so called detox symptoms that are the consequence of unbalanced programs. For example, zero calorie fasts or pure water cleanses are not supported by nutritional science, as they often lead to muscle loss and energy depletion.


The Cleansing and Purifying Diet will take the results of your health assessment, your food sensitivities and your metabolic type into account. As it is calorie restricted you can expect to burn fat and loose weight.


The Total Body Cleanse gives you all the elements of a powerful detox program. It is an experience that is great for your health and will make you feel fantastic.

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